Romance after kids

valentines-day-14-febIf you ask a childless couple what they have planned for Valentine’s Day, it’s likely it will elicit a romantic response. Ask the same question to a couple with young children and it’s likely they will laugh. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and many happy romantics will be celebrating. Whilst I have never been one to set aside the 14th of February to show my love for my partner, I would love a night of romance.

It’s a familiar script – kids kill romance! Countless studies have found that marital intimacy declines significantly after the arrival of the first baby. Having a baby is one of the biggest adjustments a couple can experience. Literally overnight, life alters for the long haul. For me, romance involves the following: spontaneity, freedom and uninterrupted conversation, and children provide the perfect barriers to all of these. (more…)