The “set up” that worked: A love story

She notices his height first. At 6’ 5” he’s hard not to notice as he walks into the church. She is wearing heels but she wishes they had an extra few inches on them. She’s been anticipating this meeting for a while. Her cousin, whose wedding they are at, thinks they might hit it off. He’s been told about her too, so in a sense it’s a “set up.”

She’s been given the following information about him:

He is tall. Tick.

He likes punk music. Cross.

He loves reading. Tick. (more…)


A wedding to remember

IMG_1650Who doesn’t love a wedding? The chance to frock up, don some heels and enjoy free booze and food for the night! Not to mention the privilege of witnessing a couple say “I do.”  With most of my friends already married I’ve been on a wedding drought the past few years so I was very excited to recently receive an invitation to celebrate a friend’s wedding.

The best thing about this wedding was being able to ship our 3 girls off to their grandparents’ house for a SLEEPOVER! The second best thing was having a designated driver for the night. Bonus. It’s rare that hubby and I both get to let our hair down and drink together these days so this was a major coup! (more…)