Wooden Spoon

My interpretation of the Australian Women’s Weekly Castle Cake.


I made this cake recently for my daughter’s second birthday. The cake was a triumph but it was a lot of work. It’s not actually a hard cake to make  – most of the effort is in the  icing and assembly.  Here are seven things you should know before attempting this at home….

1. It is time consuming – VERY time consuming. I made this cake over the course of a week. Mind you, if you didn’t have kids you could whip it up much faster, but you probably wouldn’t need to be bake such a cake if you didn’t have kids!

2. It has bucket loads of sugar in it so be warned. The sugar hit is explosive so expect your kids to go a little crazy and accept that they won’t be ready for bed at their normal time that night.

3. Double the recipe (if you’re using the AWW original). It’s much better to have too much cake and you can always freeze any leftovers or you may need the extra cake to fix up any mistakes.

4. Flags are made using toothpicks and ribbon.

5. Start cake at least a few days prior to party and freeze butter cake. This also makes it easier to cut, ice and decorate.

6. For best results, do a crumb coat. This means icing cake in a thin later, then placing in fridge, and icing again in thick buttercream. It will give a much better result.

7. Be liberal with icing and creative with decorations. You don’t need to follow the recipe to the letter. Have fun!

AWW cake book


Wicked Chocolate Brownies



Flourless Orange and Almond Cake



In your pantry Fruit Loaf


If you’re after a fruit loaf recipe that the whole family is guaranteed to love, this is the recipe for you. The best thing about this recipe is that you’re guaranteed to have all the ingredients in your pantry. There are so few ingredients in this loaf and the end result is moist, sweet and delicious. The ingredients listed here are not prescriptive. Depending on what’s in the pantry, substitute the fruit around with dates, sultanas, dried pears etc.


Yummy Banana Cake


————————————————————————————————————————————————-Easy Muesli Cookies



Cranberry, Almond and choc chip slice



Easy chocolate tarts



Lemon and coconut slice


Lentil and mushroom pastries



Christmas Rocky Road



Roasted Capsicum & Asparagus Quiche



Blueberry Muffins




5 thoughts on “Wooden Spoon

  1. Hi – I made these last week as we had the mother in law come stay – they were amazing, quick and easy to make and tasted fantastic !!! I look forward to making these with my kids for years to come – a deff family favourite. Will email you a photo x thanks


  2. I remember that birthday cake book. My mother used to make one for each of our birthdays. My favourite was the jelly swimming pool!


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